Hey, get to know me…

I absolutely love to write…

It’s really all I do if I’m not working.

I especially love to write with transparency; I love being able to relate to my readers and I love when they can relate to me. It’s like the best feeling in the world when you find out you’re not alone.

I’m a nerd/geek with a very wild imagination… I’m pretty weird in my own way! You’d have to get to know me to understand my definition of a weirdo.

I really, really love (passionately enjoy) building/creating my own world(s), creating characters (especially) and coming up with all sorts of other things that are out of the box! I’m an adventurer… I’m pretty dramatic about it too.

I’m a BIG kid at heart and a fan medieval stories/movies, heroic stories/movies, animated cartoon movies, and cartoon/anime shows! This stuff gets me super excited.

I’m a passionate poet. I love speaking about my life/personal experiences… Again, I love to be transparent. Some people don’t appreciate me doing that with almost every piece of my writing; I’ve been told I’m TOO transparent. But I think I do well to be as transparent as I am… So, to each his own.

Though I’ve tried many times, throughout my Middle School and High School years, to write short stories or books, it wasn’t until 2012 that I found myself truly dedicated to writing books; mostly fiction stories/books based on my deepest desires, personal experiences, dreams, and passions.

I’m from Little Rock, Arkansas (where I currently reside). I graduated from Sylvan Hills High school in 2010. I didn’t go to college, but I’ve found myself debating about going… I might go if I ever figure out what I want to major in… I mean, I’m thinking about literature and/or journalism. Whatever helps me be a better writer.

My goal as a growing writer and aspiring (?), aspired (?) (whichever word goes there) – author is to try to impact as many lives as I can with words and challenge everyone who might read or listen to what I have to say, to grow.