Somewhere Out There (In Those Shoes) [by: Michael D. Davis]

Somewhere out there is a good woman… she’s looking for me and I’m looking for her… We’ll find each other someday; pretty soon, I prefer. But regardless of when and how, I feel like we’ll meet at just the right time, no matter how much our roads differ.

What’s inside is what counts… so I don’t care what she looks like or what she’s been through. Because she’s made in God’s image – to me she’ll be beautiful. No amount of issues or problems will make me reject the beautiful blessing and precious gift that God gives. Somewhere out there she’s walking in high heels, striving to do God’s will – and we’re both headed to the hills.

In her past, she may have been abused, misused, confused and much more. So I know that when we meet I’ll have to deal with that and maybe a little more… I don’t care though… because I know when God gives me something to hold, it won’t be more than I can bear. So I will be patient with her, showing tender love and care.

Jesus did it for me, so why wouldn’t I do the same? He loved me through my mess and look at where I am… He called me forth and I came.

I’m walking in some shoes that no one really understands why. They’re all dirty, busted up and scuffed up, but I still wear them, why? So when we meet, we may already be able to relate. We may have been down the same road and made it by grace. But what if my shoes are dirty and hers are clean? Then she can help me wash mine. If it’s the other way around, well I’ll go far to make sure her shoes shine.

I’ll see the beauty regardless of the mess she’s in or may have been in, because God’s taught me to see past that when He looked past my faults and saw my needs. I know that behind the scenes he’s working on something so amazing… a master piece I can’t wait to see.

Hmm… Well, I can wait… So I take that back. I don’t wann’a rush that’s what use to throw me off track. I wann’a get to know her before I take a leap… Because I don’t wann’a jump and tumble down a hill so steep that I can’t get back on my feet.

If she comes to me with baggage, I’ll help her take it off. If she comes to me difficult and broken… I know God is the fixer of it all; problem solved. And I won’t run away because she may be snappy or gets offended easily, because she may have been through enough to give her good reasoning.

Now, I refuse to be taken advantage of or treated any kind of way… so I’ll pay close attention to the things she does and says. So if I get an imposter, I’ll see the real her right away.

Now, of course, she won’t be perfect, but I know she’ll be perfect for me. I won’t care what others think of her because I’ll know just what I see. I’ll take the stones thrown and build with them. I know some folk are not gon’ understand me, persecute me, ridicule me… but I’ll let God deal with them.

I’m not worried about who will like her and who won’t. I don’t care if they leave my side – because God won’t. God’s my leader so I’ll follow Him wherever. He’s led me through the dark valleys and sheltered me in harshest weather. I know when I have something good in my life, the devil gon’ wann’a shake it, break it or take it. So I’m ready for the fight, just give me the title, cause I’ll take it.

If she’s walking in these shoes: I need someone who respects me. I need some one to really Love me for me. That someone, I’ll be. If she’s already all together when I meet her, then so be it… we’re good to go. If not, then that just gives me work to do, I’m ready to go.

And I’m talking about her, but she definitely needs to know some things about me… I’ve been through a lot… and I’m pretty sure she’s been through some things too. I’ve had my trust broken and she may have been bruised. Those are issues we’ll have to work though before I even make a move. Another thing; I don’t like to argue, I refuse to hit a woman… so I’ll just walk away and give her breathing room. But if she just wants me to listen to her vent, I can do that too.

I figure she’ll have her head on right. She’ll have dreams, goals and a vision – if not – I can take her to God the doctor and He’ll give her clear sight. I’m a hopeful kind’a guy, I keep my head to the sky and will put up a fight for what I want until I die.

I will go to war for what I believe. So if anyone comes against me; I’ll take them blows.. I’m ready to bleed. I will do what I have to to protect and secure what God’s given me.

Somewhere out there, I believe there’s a woman who’ll love me for me, respect me and she deserves me. She’ll encourage and build me up. She’ll deal with me and when I make a mistake, she’ll be patient, help me fix it and not give up on me.

I ain’t gon’ lie; I’ve searched for her and found myself in some messed up situations. But that still ain’t sat me down… I hope that don’t mean I need a more harsh persuasion. I’m the type of guy that learns better from experience, I’m curious indeed. I’d rather take the consequences afterwards, I’ll take the fault and God’ll deal with me.

That may be really dumb, but I learn that way. I take the pain and God sustains, I’ve grown that way. I know what I want, need and don’t need because I’ve walked that way. I took some wrong turns and walked on some dark paths because I chose to close my eyes. I’ve been on some rough roads and was confused, didn’t know if I’d survive the ride.

But, here I am. I’m still here. You can’t even tell I been through it. I can’t walk around mad at the world, because I took my self through it. I use to have a boulder on my shoulder, but God removed it.

Now this will be crazy to most… but I really don’t care. I know what they gon’ say, “You doing the most”. But, I’ll already love her because I’ll know when we meet, God sent her to me… I’ll be able to tell by the glow… I believe she’s going to be just like me in so many ways. Imperfect but in pursuit of the truth… Been hurt, but getting beyond the bruise. Trusting God, and just relaxing on the cruise.

I know she gon’ be my ride or die. When the enemy comes in like a flood, she won’t run and hide, she’ll be standing right by my side. Together we’ll be fighting the good fight and we will survive.

But the bottom line is, whether her shoes be dirty or clean I know she’s out there somewhere and she’s just for me.

Originally posted on September 10, 2013 (on Facebook)


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