Aching [by: Michael D. Davis]

This is for all my people out there who are dealing with issues of life with their mouths closed…

Sometimes, it’s like this… but sometimes, people are genuinely trying to show that they care… I know both sides.

Scenario 1
You’re steady aching and ripping pages of your life away. Sad to say; your people are trying to read you but you won’t let them get through. We all know that there are many possibilities of what you really could be going through. But we’ll never know the truth about what’s going on inside of you… unless you open up and let it out. But instead you leave us hanging and we have to play the guessing game just to figure you out. Finally! We get the clue… but not soon enough though. We were way too late… We find out you’ve already pulled the trigger to the gun in your mouth… Man, if only we would’ve known sooner, we could’ve tried to help you out.

Scenario 2:
Dude, what’s the deal? Lately you’ve been looking real ill… Oh! I see. You keeping the pain bottled up, you don’t want any help – but you ain’t gettin’ no rest. That’s a dangerous move dude and the results are a mess. I just pray that it all get’s well sometime soon though… Really, I feel that now is the time for you to let it go… Like, right now and now, before you explode… I’m waiting for you to talk to me, fam. I really want to know how you feel and what’s been bothering you. But you say, “Not today, man. Maybe later I will.” But I find out later that you’re behind bars for the many people you’ve killed. There was a rage inside of you… You got tired of people always meddling and criticizing you. So, now that you have life in prison… you want to tell me how you feel? If only I could’ve helped sooner… I believe you could’ve been healed.

Scenario 3:
Bro, I see you walking around with this mug on your face… You looking down on this other dude, contemplating on how you’re going put him in his place. Bro, cool off before you make a terrible mistake! Later on I’m asking questions and looking around for you because earlier you wouldn’t let me get through to you… I’ve been trying to reach out to you. But instead of you meeting up with me, where I told you I’d be… you went looking for ol’ dude and his whole crew got you… Dang! If only I could’ve got through to you… I wouldn’t be kneeling at your grave now, crying over you.

There are many ways you can tell when someone’s going through… But sometimes, you’ll never learn the truth unless they open up to you. For those who are struggling with anything… whatever it is; my brothers and sisters there are people who would be there for you. Some have their arms open, ready to hear from you. So tell us what you going through, even if all we can do is pray for you. Make up your mind today; what are you going to do? Please, stop all the faking and procrastinating… You don’t have to walk around with your head down, steady aching.

Originally posted on October 6, 2011 (on Facebook)


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