A Beautiful Butterfly [by: Michael D. Davis]


I know they’ve talked about you… they’ve laughed at you.
Their only goal was to break you down… and they did that too.

They told you, you were nothing and you believed that lie to be truth…
But I’m here to let you know that ain’t even close to the truth about you.

Baby girl, you are amazing; powerful and beautiful…
God made you unique, in His image… so be you to the full.

Don’t let these folk intimidate you, you can fight back…
There’s only one YOU, so you be just that!

Let me tell you though, we don’t wrestle with our flesh and blood.
So the best weapon that you have with you is Love…

So, even though it’s easier said than done, show Love regardless of who has hurt or harmed you. After-while they’ll be saying, “I was wrong for how I use to treat you.”

Please, don’t hold it to’em, sister, forgive’em and grow…
That was just the devil using them and they didn’t know.

He had’em treat you like trash so you wouldn’t see your worth.
His goal was to drag you down and leave you lying in the dirt.

Them nights you cried from feeling lonely, God heard you!
Baby girl, you weren’t alone; He’s been right there beside you.

And He’s walking with you now, so keep ya’ head up.
Dude wasn’t the one? That just means there’s someone better.

Someone that deserves you and will treat you like the queen you are.
Someone that won’t take you for granted and play games with your heart.

But while you waiting for your moment, stick close the Father.
He’s got the map for your journey, so always seek author.

He LOVES you no matter how many times you’ve fallen along the way.
He will stay in pursuit even if you strayed away, He’s here to stay.

He wants to wrap you in His Love and embrace you like a cocoon.
In His perfect timing all the losses will be irrelevant… who knows, it could be pretty soon.

It’s been a long time coming… you’ve grown through it all.
I just know you’re something special… So hold fast through it all.

Now the wait has paid off, take off and fly!
Look at you go girl… you are a Beautiful Butterfly…

Originally posted on November 30, 2013 (on Facebook)


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