For The Angry (Do Not Sin)

“I can remember, before I got saved, how angry I was. Man, I was angry at life itself. So I lashed out on anybody I wanted to and fought because I enjoyed it. I’ve even had my share of being picked on, called names, being the center of jokes and looked down on. It was fun to them, but not to me.

People thought that I was weak because I wouldn’t say or do anything back – so I started fighting any chance I got to, just to try to prove them otherwise. I lost some, I won some. But those losses only made me want to fight more. They fueled my rage. They gave me more reasons to be angry.”

A Letter To The Broken (For The Mind)

“There is peace for you; wholeness, in the Father.

Believe that for yourself and fight the good fight of faith! You can conquer that instability by rejecting the voice of the enemy and allowing God to to touch your mind and fix what has been broken!

You are not beyond repair and you’re not made to lose [your mind]! When Christ died and redeemed us from the curse, that was it! All we have to do is claim what He died to give us. We have liberty in Him.”

The Promise Keeper (He Will Deliver)

… as I sat, gazing at the passage; meditating on it, I realized how screwed up I was in how I was thinking towards God and what He could/would do for me… And I couldn’t take my eyes off of that passage.

I was that person who’s loyalty was divided. I was that person who did not put all my trust, hope and faith in God… Even though I knew He was a GREAT God and could do anything He wanted to, before I even acknowledged the struggle, I would ask for stuff without faith. I would just throw up prayers and hope God caught them. If He didn’t it was, “Well, it is what it is.”

Groaning For Glory (Cry To God)

“A fact about me: I write a lot when I’m going through something and more than likely, whatever I’m writing is an expression of what I’m going through. In those writings (short stories), I use words to paint pictures for others so they can clearly see what I’m going through and what I would like the outcome to be or look/feel like for me. I put myself in the stories (as myself or I create a character who is like me) and I create challenges for myself (take myself through some tough situations) and watch myself make it out. When I write stories like that, it’s just me starting and ending what I’m going through. So I find so much relief through writing. For example; I might write about a war of some kind that ends with peace if I’m longing for peace.

Anyway… That’s just me being me.”

You’re Not Losing (Victory In Christ)

“I would become depressed and stop everything I ever started… I’d always consider the idea of just giving up on all my dreams and give up on trying to show myself to be friendly with people so that I could avoid losing again… After every loss, I felt like I could not take another one. You’d think that after experiencing so many losses it would eventually get easier to take the pain, but it didn’t get easier at all.

But one day; I realized that every time I thought I couldn’t take another loss, I did and I survived and I kept going forward with my hopes and dreams.”

Dream On Dreamer (Don’t Give Up)

“Everyone of us on Planet Earth was created by God to have a dream, a destiny and a reason for living. When God created you, He needed something to be done on earth that nobody else could do, so He designed you to do it better than anyone else. There’s a way that you give love that nobody else can duplicate; a certain way that you praise God that no one else can imitate; a certain way that you can relate to people; a certain way that you serve; a particular sense of humor you have; a particular way of singing, telling stories, building a business, designing, or decorating. You add something to this planet that no one else can add. God receives special pleasure from you that He receives from nobody else.” – Tommy Barnett, Reaching Your Dreams

War (Stay And Fight)

“We have a enemy (Satan) out for our souls who will use any and everything as a weapon against us; trials, tribulations, family, friends; the list goes on. His goal is to blind us, break us down and keep us bound… He’s giving everything he has to deceive us and distract us; ultimately leading us astray. He’s setting traps; sending distractions and using temptations of many kinds to get us off course. He wants to get us off track so that we might lose sight of why we’ve been fighting our fight [or waging war] in the first place. And if/when he does that, he’ll have us right where he wants us. If he can dismantle us, he can destroy us.

So I ask you; are you still fighting or has the enemy slithered in and distracted you from what’s really going on around you? Why are you fighting or why were you fighting to begin with? And if you say you’re still fighting, how are you fighting; in your own strength or in by the Spirit of God?”

To Be Alive (What It Means)

“I used to be dead (living to die). But because I embraced the same truth that God’s trying to get to you, I’m alive (living to live again).

When you’re living for Christ, dying means, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. It also means you’ve done what you were supposed to do here and it’s time to go home… Your mission is complete. And when you die in Christ, death has no sting (1 Corinthians 15:54-57).”

Suffering In Silence (God Is Listening)

“When it feels like God is ignoring you, what do you do?

On top of that, when it feels like nobody else wants to hear your thoughts or is paying you any attention, how do you deal with that, as well?

I’m sure there are many emotions that come with feeling ignored… And I can say that because, personally, I’ve been there. I’ve felt ignore, I felt like people weren’t taking me serious or like they really didn’t care about what I was doing with my life or what I was going through… I remember feeling like I didn’t have a voice; like nothing I said mattered at all… And my response to it all was anger, bitterness and resentment. I shut the whole world out and started keeping everything to myself.”

Underneath The Scars (Be Made Whole)

“You may have scars (spiritually, emotionally, mentally and/or physically) that have closed up over time (they haven’t been tampered with). But just because they’re closed up, that doesn’t mean you’ve been fully healed from the experience. You may not ever be the same because of some of the things you’ve experienced…

Soul wounds are kind of like flesh wounds depending on the impact they have on you. You may not ever feel the same, walk the same, talk the same, look the same or even just be who you were before you received that wound.

So what’s underneath those scars?”